Phase Scope?

Having come from Nuendo I seem to remember a standard Steiny plug in that had a scope that checked Phase.

Does Cubase 7.5 have such a scope or analyzer other than simply flipping the channel out of phase and checking by ear?

The visual scope sure was helpful. I cant seem to find it in 7.5.


You mean MultiScope! :wink:

I do believe so. Does Cubase have that?
I found a scope thing but none of them had a selection for Phase (unless I am blind or dense or both).


Plugins under Tools. It has 3 modes, one of which is for phase checking.
See the Plugin Reference PDF Pg 136

Many thanks kind sir…
I know I looked just found nothing that said ‘phase’.
I shall look again…

Dennis in Memphis

You need to set the mode to “Scope” to display the familiar lissajous pattern display.