Phones/master default?

When I turn on the mr816x it automatically goes to “phones”. I then have to push the volume button to set it to “master” and THEN I can adjust the volume. Is there a way to set it to “master” from the very beginning?

You can’t assign them individually. However, you can press either one of the MR knobs to cycle through the assignments. This might feel faster and more efficient than making the change in the software panel. The LEDs on the front panel show what you’re controlling, and it changes as you press either knob.

Yeah I know what you mean. I’ve never figured that out … I don’t think there’s a way.

I guess you could set up the Cubase Control Room and use the Control Room level slider there… set your 816 master to the ideal level, leave it alone, then attenuate for listening level in the Control Room. But its probably more trouble than it’s worth for a simple set up (like mine).



In regards to the OUTPUT VOLUME KNOB: Is there a better way to control the MR816 i.e., recording vocals via the headphone volume and listening control. After recording, I listen to the mix with the MAIN VOLUME OUTPUT KNOB thru speakers.

The process seems to work the knob to often i.e., pushing and turning the knob from HEADPHONES to MAIN, pushing and turning the knob HEADPHONES to MAIN, pushing and turning the knob HEADPHONES to MAIN, YIKES!!! Does anyone have a better way? Sorry for the confusion as this is confusing. I’m wondering should I use the second HEADPHONE INTERFACE for LISTENING while recording vocals and the Number One KNOB for listening thru SPEAKERS? Any suggestions?