PhonomantЯ - I Am No Man, I Am Dynamite


As I grew with industrial music, at the I end up doing some of the genre, you already know me under other names (Cabaret Naphtol, Violon Noir).
I sent demos to 3 labels yesterday of Cabaret Naphtol and had a bad day looking on bandcamp each minutes how much listen I had, turning in round waiting for a reply, then I couldn’t sleep in the evening and realized how much my music was not that professional but more personnal, then I ended up making this song, tried more developped sounds and less melodic, then I decided to give birth to a 3rd project (I keep the others) with impression I had when long ago I was making another track for another project named Arjuna (maybe some will remember).
I spent all night composing/mixing/mastering/video editing and decided it will definitively be my main project, a more dancy underground techno style.

My goal: to enter the professional underground techno world and labels, and make more “listenable” and enjoyable music.

(Sorry for the low sound quality of IG videos, I couldn’t post it on YT)


You can find the full EP here:

I Am No Man, I Am Dynamite | PhonomantЯ (