Photoscore and Dorico

Dear fellow Doricians,

I have waited that Dorico matures (my first try was in November) to use it along with Photoscore (8.8.2)

I have had some problems with the software, but a nice tech (Kelly) has helped me get rid of some folders in the ~/Library… by mail. I find it really works nicely, and I don’t find myself wasting time (in November, it was really faster to write everything from scratch in Dorico) anymore.
I have been using it for vocal scores, and so far, the only recurrent problem I found when importing is with double-flat notes (bb notes become # notes, I don’t know why, but easy to fix). Is there any improvement possible for that — I actually get a report about that problem when importing the xml file ?

Am I the only Photoscore user here ?


Hello Marc,

I also use Photoscore 8.8.2.
The software itself feels a bit strange, as if the core “machine” driving it is not really up do date.
What is it about files from the Library to get rid of?

I use this software since years and have not really sussed it completely.
Usually I export to Sibelius - and then afterwards to Dorico. I know there is a short route via music.xml, but I have not tried it yet.

If there is someone really clever here, what about changing the code a little bit to show “Send to Dorico” as the key combination for it is anyway Command-D …

By the way, I use a second software (it is french, as far as I know): PDFtoMusic Pro
It only reads computer generated PDF files though, not scanned images. But then it is pretty reliable.
And, by the way, using the free demo version, one can export a score to .xml one page at a time.
I did this for years until I finally bought the whole package.

The folder I was told to trash is in user/Library/Application support/Neuratron, it is called MusicPages_v5
It seems that the software does not work well if there are too many pages loaded (and not in use)… Sorry for being a little bit off Dorico topic here :wink:
And yes, the engine (at least the display engine) seems really outdated, I just told that to the tech, I hope there will be improvement.

Honestly, apart from the problems related with double flats, I have not experienced a real problem in importing from XML — well, of course, piano staves are not recognized from scratch, so I have to do some copy-paste operations, but nothing too complicated…

PDFtoMusic Pro is a very interesting app, but does not work like an OCR, only works with PDF scores generated by a score editor. Certainly useful to open some old works which cannot be opened anymore in old programs…

Thanks Marc,
oh yes, this folder weighs over 100 MB here and consists of a lot of old and finished projects.
Away it goes…swooosh…

[End Off Topic]

I just tried a little project straight from Photoscore (via .xml) to Dorico.
It just imports into Dorico, without asking anything - which is nice.
The result is fine :slight_smile:

Daniel said something about Photoscore and Dorico some time ago:

I started using Photoscore (full version) with Sibelius many years ago, but mostly for rather simple tasks like transposing a single instrument into another key. This works really well. Haven’t done a lot from Photoscore to Dorico so far, but I think the new MusicXML import options in Dorico 1.1. are quite helpful.

I also use PDFtoMusic Pro. It is a brilliant program with very good reading results! Unfortunately I didn’t have very much experience importing xml-files from PDFtoMusic to Dorico so far.

I have had an issue with photoscore. Exporting a simple vocal and piano part (where the vocal stave is hidden for a number of bars) causes all kinds of issues. Dorico sees the vocal part as having no time signature and creates a massive single bar while the piano part displays as expected.
I have opened the same .xml file in Sibelius and it handles the file as expected. Once re-saved in Sibelius I can open in Dorico and file is ok.
Am I missing something?

I’d post the xml here if you can so the Dorico team can look at it. There are some issues with the current interpretation of MusicXML into Dorico, and the can probably find the issue and smooth it out in a future release.

I’d imagine you can retroactively add the time signature in Dorico and find that all the rhythms auto-magically sort themselves out.

The behaviour of your file is VERY strange, especially if Sibelius handles it well… All the xml files I import in Dorico, exported from Photoscore after having resolved all rhythmic issues, are well handled. Of course, I have to re-allocate correct instruments, because this does not work. At least, that is consistent, so I adapted my workflow : give the correct instrument to each player, cut and paste to the new instruments, and delete the old ones. But this rhythmic problem, never. It actually does not make sense at all, if Photoscore does not say there is a rhythmic problem, to have this kind of issue. Traubitz is right, posting your XML file could help.