Phrase Documentation?

In the HS2 Manual, on page 67, it discusses the “Direct” Key Mode. It says,
The phrase itself does not output any note events. Instead, it outputs controller events only. You hear the notes you play plus any controller events of the phrase, such as pitchbend, volume, pan, etc. Not all phrases contain controller data. Please consult the documentation of the phrase to see if it does.”
I have found some user phrases that include controller data, but since the controller assignments are not saved with the phrases it is hard to tell what they were intended to be assigned to when the phrase was programmed. It could be pitch bend, articulations, aftertouch, or just about any parameter in the instrument.

But the question really is, "Does anyone know what or where this “Phrase Documentation” is?

I am assuming it may describe how the phrases were intended to be used for best results, etc.