Physical Dongle - when it will end?

Im asking really seriously.

Im out of town, my Nuendo dongle is in the studio. I need to fix a sync problem for a client like “NOW”. I cant deliver.
Basicly I dont want to take my dongle everytime everywhere cause this is too risky to carry it and too small not to forget it.
Because of steinberg policy I cant have a few of them. I dont want to make just a replica cause steinberg gives you only one oppertunity to use a replica.

its absurd. I have my software with me, I can access the project - I cant do anything.

It is equally absurd to assume that everyone would use a replica-dongle for these kinds of situations only.


Can you at least, not even by mentioning a solution, understand my situation? the problem?

When will it end?

It will end when people stop stealing; especially when they stop stealing intellectual property.

Hate to say it, but it’s really your choice though. Certainly there’s a lot of value on my dongle, but I treat it as a valuable asset and don’t have a problem with it. I have hundreds of dollars on my iLok as well, and I travel with that pretty regularly. All I have to do is be careful, that’s it. At times I’ve thrown my laptop into its bag and traveled with it and the projects, and that requires me to bring a drive as well. Adding a dongle doesn’t really add much inconvenience.

All in all I like dongles. I have only two, they’re small, they allow me to travel with the licenses I need, I never need to authorize in software when I switch computers… I find them very convenient. Out of everything that bugs me with software/hardware a dongle is far down the list…

And there really isn’t much risk in traveling with the dongle as long as your licenses are registered. A simple $30 purchase of a new dongle gets you up and running. If expediency is important buy the dongle ahead of time and the Zero Downtime has you up and running almost immediately.

That’s true for the Steinberg product licenses, but how do other companies that use the Steinberg key deal with lost/stolen dongles?


I am not at all sure how to interpret this remark?!



He meant when people stop pirating/cracking software. The intellectual property refers to the code in the software, its not freeware or opensource, its owned by Steinberg. You get a license to use it, not own it.

Will we ever stop discussing the dongle-“problem”? :question:

why keep missing the point.

Read the first post to understand “the problem”. I bought my Steinberg softs with money and do care about non piracy, but it has nothing to do with it.

As far as I know, I have only one chance to loose the dongle and to get install the license again on a new one.
Plus, and this is practical problem - there is no flexibility as I mentioned in my first post. I have my studio desktop and Mac laptop.

Im sure new Piracy solution can be found.

I don’t really see that people are missing the point. Using the dongle is a compromise- inconvenience for me, security for the company. On the other hand there is a distinct advantage, as others are pointing out. No hassles with needing to connect to the Internet to install the daw on different computers.

I imagine the stated policy of a one-time-only ZDT license is to give SB a chance to prevent abuse. They would certainly evaluate a second request on its merits. Just like the eula paragraph allowing only 2 or 3 software installs at a time- I don’t think they are going to check, or even care if I install the software on a variety of machines, but in a legal case against piracy their lawyers probably think it helps. (whether that’s insane or not is another topic :smiley: )

Finally, I think this is a solid way to prevent piracy of their products, since around 7 years ago, Cubase is not pirated.


Thanks a lot. I never heard that terminology before!



I think we understand though, honestly.

How do you lack flexibility? I don’t understand? Just take your dongle to whatever workstation you need to work on and plug it in.

How much is your Mac laptop? Are you sure you won’t loose it? Will Apple repair all your data for 30$? Do you have a smartphone? Are you sure you can manage to not loose it? Do you have house keys?.. Life is pain, it has no flexibility! Take it as it is. Humble yourself!
So you want to jump ship? Go ahead you can find any other DAW for free, but not Cubase. because of the dongle.

Sorry for being rude but I’m really fed up with all these discussions about dongle. We are adult people, we are not in sandbox, so let us stop arguing about obvious things.

OK. “winter rat”.

  • “the Obvious” is your obvious not mine or others - If its obvios, we can do it without your humble attitude.
  • “fed up”? - again, you can stay off, you can keep your smart*** attitude to your friends who think you are smart.
  • Adulteress is to keep up with things you dont like and move on - steping on others important issues and scream like a child “we are all adults here” doesnt make you one.

When writing the way you write, and you probably answer like that to others also (impolite, aggressive, offensive, never to the point, seeing yourself and not the other, pointing people out just for sake of argument cause you “dont like to argue”)

take an advice from someone who is in the biz for 25 years and owns more softs than just my Nuendo(not cubase, but hey, you know it all) and need to actually work all the time -
Take the time and grow. your weird ego is pointless and childish like. keep up with things and understand that youre “smarty - im gonna point him out” attitude is pointless, irritating and ruin for others whom have things they want to solve or progress.

grow manners my friend.


I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings I didn’t mean to. You’re absolutely right - I have to grow, I don’t have friends who think that I’m smart and I’m not in biz at all, in other words I’m a stupid childish lazy hobbyist and I’m occasionally in the same boat with those who “keep missing the point”. But I’ve been hanging around this forum since 2011 (I’m not in biz so I have a lot of spare time) and have seen all the threads (there were dozens) about the dongle-“problem” they were all the same - take you OP and read it 100 times. Here is the answer: there is no other protection system in this world yet, which is as effective as SB dongle. It means that all other options will bring Steinberg software to torrent trackers. I’m not smart but I’m old enough to speak from the experience point of view. That’s all.

I apologize for my impolite, aggressive, offensive answer. And sure, I will follow your advice. Thx.

It ended for me by switching to Logic Pro X.
I wish I didn’t have to do that since Cubase is a great DAW.

The freedom to run Logic on all of my OS X systems without fussing with the dongle is really liberating.
When I can install / run Cubase on all my systems (only one active at a time is fine) without a dongle - I will buy that version in a minute.

jxm, do you run those Logic systems concurrently?

MattiasNYC - I really can only handle one system at a time. I sync my projects to the cloud. And regardless of the system I am using, I can open Logic and open/use my projects. Pretty seamless. I also use NI Kontakt on all my systems, and they allow me to install it and use it everywhere. I have never tried to use it simultaneously on more than one system. If I needed to do that, then I would buy another license.

Prior to using Logic - I used Cubase 8.5 on my main recording system, then bought Cubase Elements 8 for one of my other systems and used 2 dongles. This soon became an impossible solution because of the differences in plugins.