Piano 4 hands but only one piano shows in mixer?

I’m using D3 and noteperformer and writing a piece for one piano 4 hands although I have 2 grand staffs, but only one shows in the mixer. Is this normal?

Are you talking about the Dorico mixer or the NotePerformer mixer?

It was the NotePerformer mixer, but I switched back to HSSE it appeared there. Also can’t use velocity feature in NP.

This is a limitation in the current version of NotePerformer, but I believe it will be different in future versions of NotePerformer as Arne is going to change the way volume/dynamics is handled for piano.

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Thanks Daniel

Really, it’s more accurate this way any way (Since we’re talking about Piano 4 Hands, and not 2 Pianos)… you would want things like pedals to apply to both players.