Piano 4 mains template?

Is there a template for piano 4 main, or a simple way to make a 4 mains part for piano in Dorico (‘Secondo’ part left page, ‘Primo’ part right page)?

I downloaded a template which was suggested earlier in this forum. It looks fine as long as you enter notes, but when it comes to printing the ‘Primo’ and ‘Seconde’ part are stacked vertically. ?
Thanks for any replies!

You need two layouts for the two pianos. Then you have to change frame at the same point…

Ant did a tutorial video on this topic a while ago - some of the app’s appearance and location of some options may have changed, but the underlying concepts are the same -


I’ll study it, thanks!

Nice video! And better than what I do normally!

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Ah great video thanks Lillie (and Anthony)

Piano 4 Hands.dorico (386.2 KB)

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@Craig_F : Thanks!

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@Craig_F : I noticed a strange behaviour in the ‘Piano 4 hands’ template:. When set to ‘Print’, the print preview in ‘Full score’ is different from the print preview in ‘Primo’ and ‘Secondo’. The full score print preview is correct, but the seperate primo and secondo parts don’t show any edits made with the Properties toolbar. Do you also experience that behaviour?

Were you changing local properties with the scope set to Locally, meaning changing those properties only affects the current layout and frame chain?

kleinesteentjes, just a question, why would you want to print a Primo and Secondo layout? If it is a piano piece à 4 mains, don’t you share one part (the score) on one piano?

I specifically made my template with one Layout only. It is a customized Full Score Layout. There are no parts as they are typically not needed. The template puts Secondo on the left and Primo on the right. This way no properties need to be synced between Layouts. Are your requirements different?

Other than that - what @Lillie_Harris and @k_b said.

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I was and I see that the changes are in both seperate piano parts if scope is set to global, thanks!
It would be nice though if this setting would be more clearly visible in Dorico, it’s easily overlooked (by me, that is :blush:).

@k_b and Craig_F : Any need for separate Pirmo and Secondo lay outs depends on what the Full Score layout looks like.
I set the Job type in ‘Print’ to Full Score (on the left) and to ‘Booklet’ (on the right side), which would be the right way to go for this layout, I presume? Because there are only 2 systems visible per page I changed this to multiple systems.
Also, the first ‘Secondo’ page is at the right side of the page, which doesn’t seem correct. Wouldn’t the first Secondo-part page be on the left side when printed?

Have you watched the suggested film?
A lot of your questions are been answered/solved there:

I did and all settings are exactly as in the video. In 5:43 in the video, the Secondo part is on the left and the Primo part on the right side. That corresponds with my file.
However, if I go to Print Mode (which the video doesn’t…), the Secondo part is on the right side and Primo on the left (Print Mode Layout set to FullScore and Job Type either to ‘2-up’ or ‘Booklet’). ??

If you’re using left/right page templating to put secondo on left and primo on right pages, you’ll probably want to print/export 2-up unless I’m missing something? Essentially some sort of formulation that lines up pages correctly.

I don’t know. The term I’m used to for this kind of printing options is ‘Booklet’. Which in my case means A3 paper landscape, printed in such a way (don’t know the English equivalent - ‘Brocheren’ in Dutch) that the A4 portrait pages are in the correct order. Don’t know what ‘2-up’ means.

If the page order starts with the Secondo to the left - as in the example, this would be page two of a brochure.
You will need to add a front matter (title page) to be „page 1“.

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It’s one of the printing job types that puts pages left-to-right on a single piece of paper (better descriptions probably available elsewhere). E.g. https://www.scoringnotes.com/tips/view-2-page-spreads-in-notation-software-and-pdfs/

Or yes add a p1 that will push the first page of music onto page 2, a left-hand page.