Piano duet part in orchestral piece (New Master Page Set from existing one)

I have a Master Page Set that I use in all my projects: it is used in both scores and instrumental parts. However, I’m currently working on an orchestral project that involves a 4-hand piano, and I’d like to have a piano duet layout for the instrumental part. I did my research, watched the YouTube video about the piano duet layout from beginning to end and then followed it once again in small steps, applying all instructions to my project, including all the system and frame adjustments to get the same bars in contiguous pages.

If you are a bit more tech-savvy than I am, you might already be laughing out loud or cringing in horror: you can just imagine my mind melting when I noticed I had completely ruined all the other layouts, as well as imagine the amount of Undo actions I had to perform to restore my work (as a side question, is there an Undo List where you can undo several actions at once? If not, wouldn’t that be something useful to implement?)

What I’d like to know is if there is a way to create a new Master Page Set based on my current one, so that I can change it to a Piano Duo MPS. Creating a MPS from scratch would be possible, but having to redo all the things I did for my usual MPS would be quite a lot of work.

You could try exporting it, then importing it. I think this should break the linked frames so the 4 hands MPS doesn’t mess up the others.

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