Piano Dynamics for Inner Voices

I’m pretty we can’t do this now, but it would be great to have in the future. I have a piano piece where the melody is in the inner voice, and I want to have a different dynamic for that voice. Right now, dynamics apply globally, but it would be nice to be able to have separate dynamics for each voice.

Here is the example:
Inner PIano Voice Example.JPG

You can: Alt+Enter when you’re done with the popup.

I’m selecting a note in the inner voice, bringing up the dynamics popup, entering ff, then alt-enter, and it is affecting all the voices.

Oh, you meant in playback? In that case, someone from the team will have to chime in, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that behavior was still to be implemented, yes.

The definitive answer:


Thanks for clarifying that. The Dorico online help says that it should work so I guess they need to update that:

Now I think I’m confused: (how) does Alt/Option work when entering differing dynamics between the Left and Right hand in the piano: e.g. Treble/G clef pp vs Bass/F clef p?

I wouldn’t use Alt-Enter for that. If you select a left hand note and use the regular dynamics popover, it will put the dynamic below the staff. This should make the left hand play a different dynamic than the right hand, but this feature is not available yet. Here is an example of what I am trying to do:
Inner PIano Voice Example 2.JPG
In this case, the inner voice of the right hand should play louder than the higher pitched chords, but again, no luck until they add that feature. At least we can notate it.

It would be nice too if we could adjust the dynamic in the Play module so that certain voices are louder than others as a human would do naturally.

Thanks, bwjagger… I wasn’t confused after all :slight_smile:

It’s always nice to know that we are less confused than we thought we were. :slight_smile: