Piano expression map

I’m setting up an expression map for a VSL Synchron piano. Getting the respective pedals to turn on isn’t a problem. Turning them off individually, though, is.

Selecting a sequence of notes and applying a pedal from the expressions toolbox gives me the bracket line, and I’m guessing that Dorico will send a cancellation at the end of that line. However, does Dorico know to send value 0 to CC64/66/67 as appropriate, and if not, how do I set up the expression map to accomplish this?

Yes, Dorico knows how to do this automatically, depending on which kind of pedal line you create. There’s no need to set anything up in the expression map.

OK thanks. To be clear, though, do I need an expression map at all, or is it the case that I would only need to do that if I were to have my pedals set to some cc other than the standard ones?

You probably want the “default” expression map, which only specifies one thing - that dynamics are controlled by note velocity.

The MIDI controllers for piano pedalling have been part of the General MIDI standard for nearly 30 years now, so it would be perverse for a sample library to use something different just for the sake of being different.