Piano fingerings


I wanted to know if Dorico will provide fingerings for piano sheets ?


With the ability of noting finger changes (with under/over score) and italic for original urtext fingering :wink: Possibly with automatic vertical spacing for chords :confused:
In Cubase Score I found lyrics to be the best option for fingering…

I t would be great to mimic original urtext fingering with Dorico !!

We do have detailed plans for fingering, both for keyboard music and guitar, which have quite different requirements in terms of both the digits/letters used and how they are positioned. The plan is that each notehead can have a fingering associated with it (including support for changing finger midway through a note, as is sometimes necessary on piano), and Dorico will then notate that fingering automatically based on the type of instrument in use: for keyboard music, it will automatically stack the fingerings above or below the staff as appropriate, and for guitar it will default to putting the fingerings to the left of and slightly above or below the notes in question.

This is not yet implemented in our development builds of the program, and it’s possible that it won’t make it into the first public release, but it’s a high priority and we will get to it as quickly as we can.

That’s really a great feature as Fingering “substitution” on Sibelius is really messy to render !!!

With “Product B” I use “fingering” text for numbering repeated bars in parts. Centering individual numbers over the bar has to be done manually, which is far from ideal, but works. It would be nice if Dorico had a separate option for numbering bars, e.g. from 1 to x, beginning either with “1” or “1-x”.

I hope we will have a dedicated feature to number repeated bars in parts in due course, Antony.

In Cubase-Score I had to use ‘-’ besides lyrics… :confused: