Piano left hand and right hand play at different intensities

Is it possible to have Dorico 3 play the piano left hand (on bass clef) and right hand (on treble clef) at two different intensities? E.g. right hand at pp, left hand at ff? How to do it?
Dorico 3 has independent multiple voices, but it seems to me that each voice belonging to both clefs still play at the same intensity.


Dynamics can be voice specific.
A. Invoke the caret where you want the dynamic.
B. Set the caret to the correct voice (using V).
C. Type the dynamic.
D. Close the popover with Alt+Enter.

This works fine for HALion and many other VSTs, but won’t work for NotePerformer (yet?)

May I confirm whether NotePerformer cannot handle this in Sibelius / Finale as well?

It works fine in Sibelius. It also works fine in Dorico (though it presumably didn’t, two years ago).

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Thanks. Does this procedure still work with NotePerformer 3 + Dorico 3.5?

That’s what I just tried. Yes.

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I set the voice of the right hand as vUp1 and the left hand as vUp2.
It doesn’t work. Can you see any wrong operation through this screen recording?


Given they’re on different staves (and not cross-staffed), they’re already different voices. Upstem Voice 1 works fine for both staves, here.

  1. Are you confirming the popover with Alt-Enter?
  2. Are you up to date with NotePerformer? I’m running 3.3.2 here.
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Apparently I forgot to enforce the Alt keypress. Thanks for pointing that out.

P.S.: for piano songs, a caret might not be necessary. In some situations, we only need to select the note where the dynamic sign needs to be, and Alt-Enter to confirm the popup for the new dynamic input.