Piano Midi import Split Point at G4

Hello, so I don’t usually import a lot of piano music that has different split points but now I have to for a project I am working on. I wan’t the staves split point at G4, when importing my midi file. From this chart, the midi note number is 67 MIDI note numbers and center frequencies | Inspired Acoustics
However, that is not working for me. Is there a different midi note system that Dorico uses?

No, MIDI note numbers are absolute – I don’t think there’s any disagreement about MIDI note numbers, only about octave numbers assigned to the MIDI note numbers. What exactly is going wrong for you?

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It’s keep on splitting on middle c even though I have a checked off as manual for G4.

Are you using Dorico 4? I’ve just tried this myself when importing a MIDI file and it does seem to work as expected. In the MIDI Import Options dialog, expand the Import Options section at the bottom of the window, and set Split point for grand staff instruments to Fixed. That should do the trick.

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Yes I am. This is what I have for settings

Can you share the MIDI file itself? Zip it up and attach it here.