Piano midi import

Is there a way to import a piano midi recording and split the result between two staves? The midi content is recognized as a piano part, but all notes are placed into the top staff.

I already read a thread on this subject. The workaround is to select all the bass notes (galley view, marquee selection), cut and paste on the low staff (select the first rest on this staff to make sure it is pasted there).

Question to developers: Is an automatic import to piano staves planned for upcoming updates, hopefully with some options on how to distribute music between the two hands?

I also see that midi is imported using very small note values where tuplets would have been a more natural choice, so some quantification options would be useful.

Yes, in the future. It’s early days with MIDI import at the moment, and we have a lot more work to do in this area.

While we wait an update that will correct this, I found, rather accidentally, that importing a MIDI file that has this issue into Logic Pro (in my case), then exporting it as a MusicXML, then imported into Dorico, produced the desired results.

Instead of “cut and paste” you can also hit shortcut “m” to move notes from top to bottom staff, or shortcut “n” to move notes from bottom to top staff.

Dear bobmusic,

you are absolutely right, this is the solution to achieve good cross-stave notation, with the right beamings associated with this kind of writing !

Dear Marc,

I learned these shortcuts from a tutorial video, didn’t know them before.
Since then the keycommands-list in preferences become my favorite lecture :bulb: