Piano one VST

Hi everyone,
a new kid on the block :wink: and new owner of a Cubase Artist.

After reading many articles of “how to install a vst” and loading for the first attempt the Piano One, I have to give up, finally, after trying to solve the problem myself.

The VST was extracted (64 Bit dll)und put together with the audio folder in the Cubase VST folder.
Restarting the system, I cannot select the instrument.

Any idea what I did wrong?

(PC, Win8/64 Cubase Arstist 7.5/64)

I don’t know what ‘Piano One’ is, but I know I’ve had to move a .dll from one folder to another to be recognized as a VSTi in the instrument list…that is, without reinstalling the VSTi, but that’s an option too.

I have & use Piano One.

When you try to find it, are you using F11 - VST Instruments?

You may have to set the path for Cubase to scan for it, although if it’s in the Cubase VST folder, I’d be surprised.

If you go up top along the menus, go to Devices, and down to Plug-in Information.

Up top there, you’ll see ‘VST 2.x Plug-in Paths’.

In there, you’ll have the option to ‘Add’.
Take note of what folder Piano One is in, and navigate to it, after clicking ‘Add’.

Then click either or both of the other 2 options on either side of it to update the info.

If that doesn’t do it, I believe there’s also an option to check or uncheck ‘Scan At Startup’ in the Preferences - [File>Preferences] or something like that.
[Sorry - I’m currently reconfiguring my DAW computer, and Cubase isn’t re-installed yet, so I can’t check it].

You may need to make sure that box is checked, which it should be by default.

When you start Cubase, it will scan for any new VSTs, and if you watch closely, you can usually see them go by.

First of all,thank you for help. Sorry for the late reply.
Simply no time, money comes first! (self employed :wink:
Found Piano One dll in the the VST2 PlugIn path. This seems to be the the only Instrument!
Also found it in the F11 Rack
Selecting it, there is an option “open up an Instrument…” If I click on yes, there will be a message: no instument found.

Because there is no other instrument visible in the listing. I assume that this is the wrong place.
I have also put the folder Piano One.instruments in the same folder. Perhaps I have to move the content
out of the folder?

Tomorrow I have time. Maybe I can solve the problem myself, if not, looking for help :unamused:

Have you updated your plugin information? devices>plugin information…

Thank you Shadowfax.
Yes, I did.
I am sure, I transfered the dll into the wrong folder, because looking into the listing, I cannot see another instrument. But lots of VST3 plugins and some plugins like flanger, phaser, panner, Ring-Modulator.
To find the folder, before transfering it, I have searched for the VST2 Folder.
Do you have a clue to find the right one?

Have nice week


Still the same problem, still hoping for a clue. Still help needed :slight_smile: