Piano Option - black-keys color issue


Today Mr. Barron showcased the “Piano Option” feature in the Dorico 4 Official Launch Stream (08:42), and suggested its usage for educational purposes, which is exactly what I would like to use it for.

The problem I have are the black key colors. It’s hard to distinguish whether the key is pressed or not, even on full monitor brightness. I work with lowered brightness to minimize the eye strain, and that makes the problem even worse. So my question is, is there a way to change the black-key “key-pressed” color?

If not, I would like to kindly request this feature. It would be nice if it could look maybe
like in the Pianoteq VST where pressed keys are fully emphasized.



Welcome to the forum, @anbass. This is also something that was hotly debated by our beta testers during the development process. I will talk to Anthony again about this issue and we’ll consider it further. Thanks for the feedback!