Piano pedal line & Dotted half note tremolo

Hello again, I’m looking for the standard pedal indication for piano and can’t find it. Am I missing something? Also, I’m having trouble creating a dotted half note tremolo. I’m in 4/4 with the first pitch a dotted quarter and the second, an eighth note tied to a quarter note. Any suggestions? Thanks! Loving the dynamic alignment in Dorico!

Pedals were not implemented in the first version, and since Dorico’s team have not communicated otherwise, I think it is still the case.
For tremolo, just input your two dotted crotchets, select them (they must be orange both) and go the right panel, select the tremolo you want…
Capture d’écran 2016-11-30 à 17.47.09.png
Hope that helps !

Thanks! I’ll give it a try, but I’m having trouble getting the second note to appear as a dotted quarter; it keeps turning into an eighth note tied to a quarter note.

Dear JamesIV,

You can use Force duration (keyboard shortcut o) before you input the note. If you select a dotted quarter, it should remain like that, whatever the notations options (cmd-shift-N) — note grouping page — you have.

I hope so much pedal lines will be implemented soon. AI miss this functionality totally. Thats because I need every time to use Sibelius again…

We are working on piano pedalling at the moment. This functionality will not be included in the forthcoming 1.0.30 update, but will be included in the following one.