Piano Pedal re-take


I have watched all three dorico videos on piano pedaling and for some reason, I do not know how to activate the re-take pedaling option in my score?

I have taken a screenshot. In bar 24 I have managed to produce a re-take sign but for some reason, I do not know how to replicate this.

I am in write mode and I can see the retake option. I have tried clicking and dragging but no luck.

I can see the feature in the popover window but how does one apply this. It seems so simple, so I will be very thankful once I can solve this.

Any advice?

Thank you!

Retakes (notches) are added to existing continuous pedal lines.
Select however many bars are going to be pedalled without a proper break.
Type Shift+P ped Enter. That should give you one continuous pedal line.
Then select a note where you want a retake, or invoke the caret and get it to the point where you want the retake. Type Shift+P ^ Enter. Rinse and repeat.
Typing “^” is probably quicker than typing “notch” but either works.

Thank you so much Leo

I REALLY appreciate!


Thank you for this post. I was looking in the documentation, and there it says how to remove notches, but I couldn’t find how to add them!

… I was actually typing “retake”, which is actually longer. D’oh!

I realize this is an old thread, but is there a way to add multiple pedal retakes without having to select each note one at a time?


Sad face.

How do I tag Daniel to make this a feature request?

You don’t - he reads every post anyway.