Piano pedal remains during audition

I’ve created a piano pedal marking through an entire piece, with retakes, for the purpose of playback. Works great, and easy to hide.

But when I audition notes now, either entering them by keyboard or selecting them, they all sustain, creating a real sonic mush.

I understand this is consistent, since a playing technique applies at all times. Is there a way that piano pedaling could be “turned off” during the writing and selecting process, and turned on only during playback?

Edit: now it’s not doing it.

Edit 2: Now it’s doing it again. Confused.

You should generally find that the piano pedal is cleared when Dorico stops, because it resets all MIDI controllers (and sends “all notes off”) when you hit stop.

I’m having the same issue. The piano is not clearing when Dorico stops.

I’ve tried every which way to reproduce this and been unable to. If you can provide a reproducible case, that would be very helpful. Perhaps it’s specific to a particular playback device?

Apologies for the delay. I’m using the Grandeur Piano in Kontakt 5.8.

It’s most likely the kontakt instrument (.nki) not interpreting midi cc123 (all notes of) and/or cc64 (sus pedal) correctly…

That’s helpful. Any tips on how to help Kontakt interpret things correctly?

On a related note, tips on helping Kontakt interpret dynamics would be great too.

Is the documentation for the Grandeur Piano online anywhere? I looked, but couldn’t find anything with any technical information in it. If people here can read that, they should be able to help get it working - or in the worst case tell you it’s impossible to do that!