Piano Playback - only plays both staves?

Dorico Newbie here - seems as if the only way to hear a staff on the piano is to create another piano. So you have two pianos, one for treble and one for bass. This can’t be right, though? I highlight the notes on a single staff and it plays the other too. Can somebody please tell me the proper way to hear an individual piano staff?
Thanks in advance.

i think it’s a limitation of the way Dorico handles instruments.

in Dorico the piano is considered a single instrument. i think this accounts for the fact that one can’t play either the upper stave or the lower stave independently of the other. this is also true if you’ve implemented multiple voice support. i mostly do polyphonic music and i’ve NEVER been able to have a voice stream play independently of any of the others - whether it’s a piano score or a divisi instrument (such as violin).

maybe one of the Dorico mavens can weigh in…?

Yes, that’s correct. I guess you can quickly select the first note in the bass clef, Select to End or Flow, and mute via the properties panel.