Piano reduction hidden in score not possible?

I have an orchestra score with a piano reduction of the strings. From the (old) messages I’ve found on the forum am I correct that one cannot hide a piano reduction (or any player) in the full score? Apparently the only way to do that is to create a new layout for the conductor that contains everything but the piano reduction? Is this still the case in 4.1?

That hasn’t ever been the case. You can unassign any player from the full score layout in Setup mode, or (since v3.5) you can hide any stave at the start of any system (in any layout, whether or not that stave contains notes) using Manual Staff Visibility.


Although Leo is correct (as he usually is) about what one can do, many (perhaps including Leo) have found that creating a “working” layout and a “conductor” layout is a very efficient way to organize their work.

I must have been reading some really old posts or misreading them. Of course, just de-select the reduction from the player list and it’s hidden in whatever layout is selected. I completely forgot about the staff visibility options. Thanks

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