Piano Roll Custom Note Key Mapping Feature Request

It seems Vst Software is starting to use custom key mapping more and more. The entire UJAM product line does this extensively. It really is an easy way to program midi data in the midi piano roll editor using vendors custom key mappings.

Can you please add the ability like you have for expression maps to add the ability to make Custom Key Mapping Names to the piano roll. Then when I load a vst instrument like Ujam Dandy, Solid, Iron 2…I can pick a Piano Roll Key Mapping Preset that I made that details what the key mapping are to play that instrument without having to constantly try to remember all these keys.

for example: Ujam Iron 2 Key Mapping (see image)

C3 = Silence
C#3 = Style 1
D = Style 2

Some of features requested:
(1) be able to assign a color to the key (like you do with expression mappings)
(2) be able to assign custom key names when mapping presets, Silence, Style 1 etc… and have those names appear on the note in piano roll.
(3) have those custom names show up on piano keys in the midi editor when you hover over the key. Or better yet toggle them on and off so they show all the time when your trying to write midi data using the piano roll editor.

Instead of having to keep a notebook of all these programs custom keys I could create presets of the instruments and have them show up in the piano roll midi editor as I’m making music.

I think this would be a very useful feature and follows what third party vendors are now doing with there instrument vst’s. Thanks.

Player Mode Key Mapping in Iron 2:

Individual Instrument Key Mapping in Iron 2:

Both Player and Individual Key Mapping in Solid

Well here is a work around somewhat… Make a new drum map of what you want the key to say… save it… then assign it to one of the clips on an instrument track. Any new clips you create will be associated with that map. If you go into note editor mode… you will see what ever you typed displayed on the note or notes. Yea its not the optimal implementation … but it works.

Uploading: drum map in nuendo.png…


You can also work in the Drum Editor, where you can also show the notes length since Nuendo 10.

Btw, please, add the feature-request tag.