piano roll entries disappear

Hello everyone.
I am having a problem with the Cubase Elements 8 trial. With a project open I can see notes on all of the tracks. Music plays as it should. When I open an individual track, the entries disappear. The music still plays correctly. This has happened in Elements 7. When it did, I hit Save, closed the program, reopened it, and everything worked. The Elements 8 trial is not working this way. Can someone tell me what is going on and what to do, please?

Hi and welcome,

Am I understand it correctly, you cannot see the data in the KeyEditor? But the MIDI Parts and MIDI Events are still visible in the Project window, right?

Make sure you scroll to the correct octave, and you are in the correct Timecode position, please.

One more idea: are you using Folders in your project?

Thank you.

I am in the correct octave and Timecode position. No, I am not using Folders at this time. The problem is also occurring in Elements 7 this morning. Saving the project, closing, then reopening the program is not working. Will the program hide graphics to allot more power or processing capability to sound?


Even if I don’t like it, I would recommend to trtash (or disable) preferences.