Piano roll: page movement, and invisible notes on overdub

Hi, really like a lot of Cubasis - thanks!

I have 2 ‘issues’:

  1. Navigating the piano roll with touch screen is counter intuitive, as the page moves in the opposite way to your fingers. And also the opposite way to all Touchscreen apps. I would expect the page to move as if I am moving a sheet of paper - with the added benefit of ‘pinch zooming’ (which is currently awkward to use due to this Issue).
  2. If I record midi, then record more (on the same track) as an overdub, the notes do not appear on the piano roll, and cannot be edited or selected… but they are there……


Hi @i_eat_drums,

Thank you for your message and a warm welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Re 1.:
Actually, moving the piano roll exactly follows the position of your finger, and works similar to other MIDI editors (e.g. such as GarageBand’s editor etc.). Please provide a short clip, which shows the opposite behaviour.

Re 2.:
When recording in cycle or overdub mode, Cubasis creates a new MIDI event.
To make all MIDI notes visible in the MIDI editor, please use the “GLUE” tool, as follows:

  • Choose the “SELECT” tool form the “sub menu” bar.
  • Tap and hold above the MIDI events (to be glued together), select them via moving your finger accordingly.
  • Once done, tap the “GLUE” button to combine the events into one MIDI event

Afterwards, simply open the glued event in the MIDI editor.

To learn more about the Cubasis workflow, please check out our Getting started with Cubasis tutorial, where Dom Sigalas shows all steps how to create a full blow track with Cubasis in near to no time.

Hope that helps!

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Wow! Thanks for such a fast reply :upside_down_face:

  1. Ok, this issue only occurs during zooming - with two fingers on the screen the vertical direction is reversed. Ie moving two fingers up moves the sheet down, which seems wrong. With one finger, you are absolutely correct and it works as expected, it seems my workflow is always simultaneous ‘two finger zoom and move’ so I didn’t notice…

  2. Wow! Great, I get it now

Thanks again! :blush:

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Hi @i_eat_drums,

Thanks for your immediate reply.
Glad to read you’re good…

Enjoy making music
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Thanks! It’s still driving me a bit crazy… :see_no_evil:
But, why is the vertical page movement reversed, with two finger page drag?
It is rather annoying, as it makes zooming accurately counter intuitive.