Piano Roll - "Quick Edit" toggle (add/delete note with single left/right click and more)

There could be a toolbar button that activates a special mode where a single left click adds a note, while right clicks delete them, similar to a certain infamous DAW.

Alt + Shift + Right Click could bring up a simplified toolbox, where tools are combined following this concept (for example, left click to split, right click to glue).

I’m sure that the Steinberg designers could come up with even more ways to make this useful.

A little bump since I posted this while everyone was sleeping.

I’ve always wanted right click to erase notes, so much that I made an autohotkey script for it that worked surprisingly well, but I lost the script and forgot how I did it.

So +1.

Simple way, but you lose the right click menu. Also, there’s no way to tell AHK what zone you’re in, aside from coordinates, so you can only use IfWindow in independent editors.

#SingleInstance Force
RButton::  ; use ^RButton instead to require ctrl key as modifier
Send, 3 ; the keystroke for eraser0
KeyWait, RButton
Send, 0 ; the keystroke for select tool

My script spammed the eraser clicks as fast as possible so you could delete multiple notes while holding down the right mouse button.

Honestly though, especially with zones now, AHK won’t do.


Just like the drum editor, something like double click adds a note, double click on a note erase it (i’m always doin it and finding myself opening the note expression…how annoying)


more options for speedy workflow please

They need to improve the piano roll more…



I’m currently using the discontinued Orion by Synapse Audio as my main DAW which has basically the same piano roll as FL Studio (left click: enter note, right click: delete note, left drag move note…). Cubase’s current piano roll is the only thing holding me back from buying Cubase Pro.

+1… FL is a living example of how can piano rall be improved. I know Steinberg can even do more.


ive just posted something that can be a great addition together with your suggestion


The best combination is FL and Ableton Live piano roll functions … FL with the clicks to add and remove notes and Ableton with the easiest way to move up down, left right and shift + arrows to enlarge notes … great feature of ableton piano roll is also, there does not exist overlapping notes


+1 make the pencil tool remembers the last used value like Logic Pro.:notes:

Oh damn. I was FL user in the past. I hope Steinberg doesn’t make Piano Roll like the one in FL. Sorry differences in preferences :wink:



Please put this in the Cubase 10 forum too.


(as well as remembering note duration of previously entered note)