Piano Roll shows two chords rather than the one playing

I’ve tried playing several inversions yet it still shows 2 chords… has anyone come across this and how to fix?

Screenshots attached.

I wonder if its a setting of some kind…

You are going to need to provide a better explanation of your problem. Looking at your first screenshot I see a chord being played on the 1 of every other bar. The first two chords are an A and the next two F#min. All of this is pretty normal stuff to see. So what specifically do you think is wrong here?

Sorry, if you look at the F#m image you will see it says F#m/A. This confuses me as it is an F#m not an A… They are 2 different chords.

I’m redffering to the ‘Chord Type’ shown beneath ‘chord editing’ on the inspector panel.

It’s correct. F# with A in the bass.

the “/” denotes separating the chord from the bass note ie “Cm/A” is a C minor chord with an A in the bass. In your case you have selected F#Minor with an A in the bass so that is what is being shown.

Ok thanks a lot guys, I’m new to music theory as you might have guessed :slight_smile:
thanks for the explanation, is there any way to turn the bass note reading off?