Piano Roll Strum question

Hello everyone!
I need help with this kind of strumming. I’ve tired to draw it by mouse…

maybe there is a solution can make a preset for Logical Edior or Macros ?

I use vsts that can strum like that…
Or, an ipad with a strum instrument sending midi via iodock or musicio or so…

Its the most natural… (If you dont have a guitar with a midi pickup or so)

unfortunately i dont have Guitar, but the ipad idea sound quite interesting :bulb:

In FL studio they have midi option in Piano Roll called Strumizer (or smthg like that) I wondering why Cubase doesn’t have it

Sounds like a nice feature…:slight_smile:

Request it:p

I just checked the logical editor… I tried to:
Select all notes but bottom one
Goto logical editor
Top window: + type is -all types - note
Bottom: + position - set relative random values between - 20. 0. (adjust ticks to taste)

Might wanna fool around with that too if you want…
(Its a far stretch and Im not a log.editor genius)…lol

Edit: it would be cool if we had a thread dedicated to cool log.editor formulae:p

I use the trim tool for that.

i use trim tool before i start draw manualy.

p.s. i checked Logical Editor, for this moment its the best solution for me

Yes, that is better than just “straight”, but it isn’t really natural either… it is indeed “random”, whereas a proper strum would go progressively either up or down.

You could use a midi plug like midistrum if you’re playing the chords live…if you want to process chords already in Cubase I guess you could use a midi send from that track to another track with the effect on.