Piano split at C4


is there a way when using an external midi instrument to automatically have notes split between the treble and bass clef?

Welcome Fred.

Yes you can. Invoke the caret (press enter or shift-n) on the treble stave. Extend it to the bass (Shift-down_arrow). Dorico will then put low notes on the bass and high notes on the treble. It will also split chords between the two.


Dorico should automatically use both staves of grand staff instruments and assign notes to the top/bottom staves according to your split point when you record live MIDI without the caret active at all, just select an item on the piano staff then start recording.

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Thank you. Is this true on the iPad as well?

Yes, it is.

I am struggling with the piano split. I have tried the iPad version and the desktop version and in both cases my Yamaha nu1x keyboard puts everything in the treble clef. I have looked at preferences in the settings and it seems correct at c4.

I am also getting a strange feedback loop when I enter the keys from the MIDI instrument.

Can anyone help a struggling beginner?

2-staff entry is not a dialog setting but a mode. Make sure you extend the caret so it shows on both staves. See Janus’s post above.

If you’re hearing notes played double, I’m guessing that’s because you’re hearing both your instrument and Dorico. Since the “Play notes during note input and selection” setting (in Preferences > Note Input and Editing) is useful, try turning down (or off) the sound from your instrument.

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Thank you for your help. I have been able to get the treble and bass clef to record.

One last question: the sustain (pedal) on my Yamaha doesn’t seem to extend itself to the recorded music on Dorico. Any thoughts?

Take a look at the Play page of Preferences, and check whether Import CC64 as pedal lines is activated.

It was activated, as well as snap pedal lines to previous beat.

I was able to manually add sustain but it seems that the program should be able to pick it up.

Maybe I should start a new project from scratch?

It shouldn’t be necessary. Perhaps Dorico for iPad is ignoring CC64 – I will check with my colleague Andrew and come back to you.