Piano staves with different lines number


Has someone has any ideas about how to create a piano staff with three lines in the upper staff and a regular five lines in the lower one.

I made this creating an instruments group, but I still have some issues about instrument name and for crossing staff beams.

In the past I created a 5lines + 1 lines instrument changes the dorico code, but I don’t think this could work with a 3 line staff, and also I’d rather not doing that way…

There’s not really a way to do it natively. It’s pretty simple to remove a staff line in Acrobat though, so you could always export a PDF and do it there.

If you want the staff lines 1 space apart, and don’t like the barline extending past the staff in the top example, then I think you are stuck with modifying code or using a doricolib file.

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Honestly I can’t figure out how to remove a staff in Acrobat but your file looks good, I can do my researches.

But… no ideas about dorico workaround?

The only way I can think of in Dorico, if you want the lines 1 space apart, is to create a 3-line instrument, either with a doricolib file or instruments.xml hack. If you want the 3-lines two spaces apart I think you have to do it in Acrobat.

In Acrobat (full version), select Edit PDF, then click the line and hit Delete.

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In ohter hand, I aldready made this with a percussion kit.
If is not possible to create a instrumet like this, maybe it could be easier to find a way to fix my few issues:

  • How to rotate instrument group name?
  • How to create crossing staff beams between two different instruments?

I think that’s the part that’s impossible. Otherwise the 3-line instrument is a great solution

The limitation is that you can cross-staff notes only between instruments held by the same player.

I can menage with this limitation, at the end the “two” instrument are trully held by the same player… The real problem is that seem that cross-staff notes are not possible in percussion grids.

No, you need a 3-line staff. I can send you one later.

Hi, It would be very usefull!

Hey Sorry, I was on the road and forgot about it. Thanks for the reminder. Put these two files in the Default Library Additions folder. If you don’t have one, create one. You can find the necessary location
for this folder to your OS on the forum if you search for it.

Archiv.zip (3.1 KB)

It’s called “0 and 1 line”, but there’s a 3 line definition as well. You need both files, as the percussion clef in use is defined with the second file. It allows you to move the notes vertically with the normal shortcuts.

Thankyou very much

I put the file in this folder

I restarted Dorico, but I didn’t understand what I have to do now.

When adding instruments or players, you should find a new instrument category called „custom“. You‘ll find the instruments there.

Oh so simple…
It works great! Thanks again.

Anyway I think as @FredGUnn said we cant spread the barline of two spaces, right?