piano style virtual keyboard?

I have been searching for HOURS on the Internet for a piano style (showing 88 keys, vertical) thing in Cubase 7. So one that looks like a real 88 keyboard section. To show what notes are playing in a midi file. Or to tap with a mouse for input. Is there any way? I only found a thing with letters and numbers which is not where I was searching for. I also want to adjust the size of it that fits my needs on the screen.

Open the key editor, on the left.

Sorry, do you mean that very small VERTICAL thingy? That is not where I was searching for. Ofcoarse I has seen that thing, is there any solution for such a thing but HORIZONTAL and more clear, much bigger, easyer to read out with the eye?

(Read your original post back… you did ask about a vertical keyboard :wink: )
Cubase does have a small horizontal keyboard as an option to the Transport bar).
But your best bet would be an external source… I’m sure you’ll find on the net :wink:.

When you say “very small VERTICAL thingy” it doesn’t sound like you’re actually using the Key Editor as Vic suggested. The Key Editor can be maximized to fill your entire monitor and the height of the keys can be zoomed from very thin to about a half inch for each key. You might want to read the Key Editor section of the manual.