Piano sustain not releasing in Cubase

Not using the midi, but just playing back the song (meaning just hit the play button)…Can’t figure it out. Sometimes it releases…play it again it doesn’t…play it again and it releases…so frustrating…

I’ve tried purging samples…rebooting the whole computer.
Checked my programming…sure enough…it goes to 0 and up to 127. Lots of space on ‘0’.

Hardware Pedal is set to ‘continuous’
Grandeur, Maverick…etc…is all set to half pedaling.
Doesn’t matter which piano I’m using…
It’s a Cubase issue.

Windows 10 home
Cubase 10 elements (latest version)

When you say “not using midi” I assume you mean not using the MIDI Inputs, but using a VSTi to play back an existing MIDI Part. Suspect you don’t mean you are playing back an Audio Track.

When sorting out stuff like this sticking a MIDI Monitor on the Track’s MIDI Inserts can provide a lot of clues. Also examine the specific MIDI Parts involved in the List Editor which can be easier to find anomalies.

Also make sure that the Preferences for MIDI to chase events are set how you want.

Yes, the midi was done before hand all played from my digital piano. This is just playing it back and listening with different results in regards to whether the sustain releases or not.

As for the Midi Monitor, I fully checked out the automation to see if I could find anything. The midi values were at 0 for sure.

Ok…figured that out…everything seems ok with that…

Just to be clear. On the MIDI monitor you can see the message occur for sustain off, but after that the VSTi continues playing as if sustain were still on?

Elements doesn’t have the midi monitor, but I scrolled over the automation easy enough to see that the values were hitting zero every time.

Really! That’s just a dumb thing not to include in Elements.

The difference is that your automation values show what you are telling the VSTi to do. That should be the same as what the VSTi hears. But what if it isn’t? You’re telling it sustain off but it isn’t hearing it. A MIDI Monitor helps ID what it is hearing. If you happen to have Reaktor I’d bet the user library has some MIDI Monitors you can load as a VSTi. Or check KVR for one.

Have you looked at the Input Transformer on the Track?

You can download http://www.midiox.com/. This is an extensive midi monitor program that will show you what values are send and received on what midi channels.

Have you tried other instruments (i.e not piano) ? Not sure it will solve anything but sometimes I find it worth attacking the problem from an unusual angle. You could also maybe upload a midi file / CPR here and get some of us to try it - perhaps you could include the settings of one of the pianos (perhaps something included in the Kontakt Library?). I know it seems that it’s a Cubase problem but might be worth a shot. Also then, you have others who confirm the problem.

Downloaded it…not a bloody clue how to use it.
Looks like it could be useful though.

At the end of the day, I just manually made the space at ‘0’ bigger in the automation area. It seemed to work. I had originally tried to manually shrink some of them…but it looks as though maybe they were too small…not sure…The spaces aren’t huge or anything…probably around a 64th of a beat…which doesn’t seem to take any of the natural transitional sound away……
I’m pretty new at this…and I can see why people go to school to learn how to do this sort of thing…