Piano Teqstage favorites instrument packs?

I am thinking of buying the basic license of modart and it allows me to choose 2 instruments, what are your favorite Pianos if you had to choose 2, or within all the options, greetings.

Playing it yourself (assuming you are a piano player) in trial mode will help, although there are so many different piano models and within each, different variations, it can be difficult to decide! but playing it yourself gives you feedback of the response of your keyboard to the sound coming out from each model (if this is important to you.)

Otherwise you can play around with the same pieces in various settings with the piano sounds to see what you think.

You can also check out various comments, reviews and comparisons, for example:

I choose Steinway and Bechstein originally (having played both) and they sound different enough so I have a choice depending on the other instruments in the composition, but gradually purchased a few more, enticed by their sales promotions and the differences and nuances in the other models. For example I might like the bottom end with one model, if the composition demands that kind of sound … whereas another model might be preferred for a delicate, sweet sounding, middle to high end of the piano, or another model in a string quartet setting …

My suggestion is to choose one which you think is reasonably useful then one other which is (reasonably) different (to you) so you have options, bearing in mind the variations available in each.
And if using Dorico it might depend … if you are inputting with a single velocity, or playing it in (where it will record your velocities) or if you are then changing velocities after input.
Same goes for dynamics, as each model of piano will react and sound different.

I have the Stage and can change a few settings like EQ, damping, bounce etc. so this helps sometimes (although I mostly don’t worry too much, I just need a nice piano sound and they all seem to provide that).

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I like the Steingraeber Piano very much for it‘s warm and singing tone.
If you have any use for Classical Guitar, that was the latest release and it‘s also great.