Piano turns the sound suddenly into staccato

Please help. I’m struggling with an issue - I record a piano part, then start editing or just playing it and SUDDENLY the sound turns into a staccato. Not possible to reverse, nothing done by me. Doesn’t matter how many instrument there are - problem is showing up even if the piano is the only part.
That piece previously sounding good, all is turned into staccato. I have no chance to return the sound into normal sound. It help closing Cubase and reopening but it drives me CRAZY!I am not able to work more then couple of seconds before the collapse.
Please, do you have any idea?

Which piano library/vst are you using? Some libraries (East West, I think) change to staccato when you move the mod wheel.

EastWest, indeed. I’m not aware of touching any wheel, but if it is the issue, how can I please “untouch” it?

You can’t untouch it but you can bring it all the way down to zero and see if that makes a difference.

Another thing you can check is if there are other unintentional CCs in your MIDI parts. I find it’s easiest to do that using the MIDI List editor and filter out MIDI Bote messages.

Most midi keyboards have two wheels on the left hand side of the keyboard. One for pitch bend, and the other is the “modulation wheel” or mod wheel for short. It sends Continuous Controller data to Cubase. Or for short CC1.

You probably bumped one of the wheels on your keyboard. Best guess