Piano Voices (and colours)

I have imported an XML file of Sax and piano and it has taken in all the notes pretty much as expected. I see that the parts (specifically the piano) have imported as up-stem voice 1 and down-stem voice 1 in 4 different colours depending upon whether the music is in the treble of bass staff.

I have no real problem with any of this, but I was wondering what best practise would be for voices in a piano part. Do users leave everything as one voice with either up or down stem (4 different colours) or would users split the piano into typically 4 separate voices? I appreciate that complex music would demand several voices, I am just thinking of fairly straight forward piano music.

This is not giving me any issues, Iā€™m just curious as to best practise.



The main voices in the treble and bass staves of a piano part are by default different voices/colors; so if you have two voices on each staff, what you are seeing is likely standard.

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