Pianoteq 8 not found as VSTi

Pianoteq 8 not found when I try to add track, instrument VSTi. It is not found under Synths (which is implied by Modarrt in their FAQ).

Pianoteq 8 IS found in the VST instruments column in the VST Plug-in Manager.

Pianoteq 8 plays fine in its stand alone version.

How can I get Pianoteq to show up in available VSTi?

In the VST Plug-in Manager, can you get informations about Pianotek 8 in the bottom panel ? If you can see the informations about it, check that the Hide option is not ticked, for a reason…

But if you are using a plug-in collection, did you drag and drop the Pianoteq 8 entry from the list on the left to the plug-in folder tree to the right?

On my system, Pianoteq 8 is under “Other” and not “Synths”.