Pianoteq 8 plug-in blocked in Dorico 4

Hi guys,
I used Dorico 4 on Windows 10 and I want to use Pianoteq 8 as a VST plugin. Pianoteq 8 shows up in the VST plug-ins list but it is in the “blocked plug-ins” category. Can anybody help me out here and tell me how to get it “un-blocked”? Thanks

Hi. PianoTeq is a VST3 plugin. As such, it cannot be blocked. Only VST2 plug-ins get blocked.
It should appear under Moddart in your mixers’ menus
Hope it helps!

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Hi @MarcLarcher , to be more precise: Also a VST3 plug-ins can get blocked, if the vstscanner finds something is wrong with it. In that case it simply does not turn up at all.

@petertr , welcome to the forum.
Please do from Dorico’s menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the corresponding zip file to a reply here. Thanks


Ok, thanks @Ulf !
Make sure you have the latest version, 8.0.8. It could solve your issue…

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FWIW I’ve been using 8.0.5 on multiple computers with no problem.

Edit: 8.0.8 also working fine



Ok Thanks!