Pianoteq instrument menu will not open

When I create an instrument track in Cubase Artist 8.0.0 and load Pianoteq 5.1.3 (Pianoteq 5 STAGE (64-bit).dll), the Instrument menu and the Help menu on Pianoteq’s user interface cannot be opened. If, for example, I click on the Instrument menu, it flashes (and I can see the menu items semitransparently) but it does not open properly, so I cannot choose an instrument preset. This is annoying! I can use the triangles at the left and right of the Instrument menu to select the next or previous instrument - that’s all. This problem has only occurred for me in Cubase Artist 8. It did not occur in previous versions of Cubase Artist, nor does it occur in my other DAW, Cockos Reaper.
NB: No other VSTi’s exhibit this behaviour in Cubase Artist 8. I have reported this issue to support@pianoteq.com, but they say they cannot reproduce the error!

  • Is this a bug in Cubase Artist 8 or in Pianoteq 5.1.3?

The same thing happens with me in Cubase Pro 8

NB: No other VSTi’s exhibit this behaviour in Cubase Artist 8

Actually many other plugins are exhibiting very similar behaviour in C8.
The forum is awash with threads about menus or dialogues not working on instruments or effects.
Try disabling AOT for Pianoteq now and hopefully will be fixed in an update.

Yep, disabling AOT works. Pianoteq tell me that it’s a Cubase 8 bug.

Grim [Dec 22, 2014] is right: I subsequently discovered that this is a general issue with VSTi plugin windows. For some reason, Cubase doesn’t ‘remember’ when, in Preferences/VST/Plug-ins you disable the option Plugin Editors “Always on top”. See this post:

Solved in 8.05 :smiley: