Pianoteq's Harp expression map for Dorico

Dear fellow Doricians,

Here’s an expression map I created to use PianoTeq’s harp quite better than just with the Default expression map. I use it with the Concert Harp Recording with reverb off on my playback template.
It triggers Pedal (just as the default one) as a totally muffled strings sound — the opposite of a piano pedal, if you like. I know that there’s a Harp à la piano preset, with pedal behaving just like the piano one, but it was not my goal here.
It also triggers muffled strings (still resonates, but less than with nothing at all), harmonics (natural harmonics from the properties panel are fine) and glissandi.
PianoTeq harp.dorico (860.2 KB)

Pianoteq’s Harp.doricolib.zip (2.0 KB)

The Endpoint configuration can thus be created and added to any PianoTeq playback template configuration, so that the played harp is PianoTeq’s.

Please don’t hesitate to tell me if I can make it better !