Piaon /rhythm GRAND STAFF, want TO MOVE THE Chord symbols vertically

Dorico Pro 3.1, the chord symbols cna only go above the staff.
I have a guy who wants to use Grand staff a rhyhtm section master part, ad wants the choEd symbols just above the bass clef, in the middle between the bass clef and treble clefs. He does it like this in Finale. Is here a work around to achieve the same thing in Dorico?

Could you use the LYRIC INPUT BOX, and change it to chord symbols as a work around?, or is there a way to do it that I just can’t find?

Warren B. White
Nashville, TN

“You can show chord symbols between the two staves of grand staff instruments, such as piano. In Engraving Options, choose Between staves for Position of chord symbols on grand staff instruments in the Position section of the Chord Symbols page.”