Piccolo Horn in F

I sometimes play a Piccolo horn in our swing Band. This horn is in F but an octave higher than the French Horn. Because of the size of the bell (the whole instrument is less than a foot across!) it sounds more akin to a Trumpet than a Horn (FWIW I have a Bb/F descant Horn too but using the French Horn works for that)
How can I set this up in Dorico so that I get the correct notes and a suitable sound etc.? At the moment I am having the use F Horn but that sounds too much like a French Horn

You can change the playback sound to trumpet in Play mode if you wish (if you’re not sure how, check this video). If you want to change the octave in which the music is displayed, you can use a clef and transposition override (here’s how).

Thanks - I knew there would be a way but could not find it :thinking: