Piccolo Issue Captured

I have mentioned that sometimes the instrument at the top of the score plays back with the wrong sound. I have captured this behavior in the short clip. At about 10 seconds, the Piccolo part enters, but playing what sounds like a brass instrument way out of range.

I don’t know if this is a Wallander (NotePerformer) or Dorico issue, but it is quite annoying and unpredictable.

Thank you.

You’ve certainly illustrated the problem. But no one can do anything about it without being able to reproduce it. Could you post a cut-down project that does this?

Could be using a Piccolo Trumpet sound perhaps? If you solo the part does the rest of it play with a Picc sound, or that brass sound?

I’m happy to share the project, but it happens with any/every project so I’m not sure posting the file will help.

I should have thought of soloing. I’ll try that nect tune it happens.

Please just share the project.


The Ancient Lake (Final).dorico (2.2 MB)

Your Picc is assigned to a Trumpet sound:

Switch it to Picc and it’s fine:

I’m guessing you just accidentally clicked the dropdown at some point and it switched from the “02 - NotePerformer” instance to “03.” Reloading the NP Playback Template will fix it as well.

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I am mystified how that happened or happens since I rarely go into Play and don’t even know how to make that change. With that information, however, I will be aware when the problem happens and see if I can figure out what’s going on.

Thanks for the analysis.

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Are you starting “any/every” project with the same template?

I have had this happen several times at random since 5.0, where the top woodwind staves get pointed at some sort of brass sound in note performer, although I’ve had french horn instead of trumpet. It’s some goofball thing OP is doing. I think it’s a genuine, but extremely rare, bug somewhere in the stack.

My theory is that the instance # is getting corrupted on the first track, and somehow note perfermorer instance 1 track 1, is instead routed to instance 2 track 1, which for a more or less late romantic type orchestra ends up being somewhere in the high brass.

@TylerE , Interesting information. Thank you.

What does OP mean? If you mean “original poster,” I don’t think I’m doing anything goofy–at least not in this case. :sunglasses: This happens randomly on its own.

It might be a typing mistake and was meant to be NP which would be NotePerformer in this context. Just a guess on my part, but one that seems to fit in with the rest of the post.

No, I meant OP, but I also meant to say isn’t instead of it’s…

This happened again. Piccolo is playing harp. I reloaded my NotePerformer Playback Engine and that did not fix it. I seem to be stuck now with a harp playing the small flute part.

So the way I had to fix this was to go into Setup, add a second piccolo and then delete the first one. It would be nice to know what causes this.

I had done nothing but create a piano part. Then when I added the first piccolo note, I got a harp sound.

As a piccolo player myself, I can assure you I would be mortified to have to swap it for a harp…

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:slight_smile: The pedal piccolo is really complicated.

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But just think what you could charge for the gig!
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