Piccolo or Ottavino? H or B?

Setting Instrument Names to Italian removes “flauto piccolo” from the list of options. I think Dorico wants me to choose Ottavino instead, even though it’s only used within Italy if I’m understanding it correctly. I have to manually rename it.

My assumption is this is because language in Instrument Names is a localization feature rather than a reflection of common musical convention. Is this correct?

And a related question (localization vs convention) - is there a way to use the German naming system for notes (H and B) without changing system language into German? Actually - is there a way to use it at all?

Many thanks!

At least in Pro you can change “B” to “H”, no matter which language you have chosen for the Instrument names.

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It took a minute to realize this is in Engrave mode, but wow - thank you. It even allows Cis instead of C#. Wonderful!