Piccolo part above flute 1

I need to start transcribing my 1st and 2nd symphonies into Dorico, both have piccolo parts. I require the 2nd flute to go from playing grande flûte to petite flûte, but for the staff to also change positions.

I know that this isn’t currently feasible in Dorico, but…

If I write flute 2 and piccolo as two separate instruments (each positioned correctly in regards to the full score) can I still create a flute2/piccolo part FROM those two instrumental parts?

Or will I have to create a new flute 2/piccolo part that copies the piccolo notes into the 2nd flute staff?

You can set your flute 2 and piccolo to the same part layout… The only problem you could have is if the player changes very quickly the instruments and they both appear in the same system in the full score, it’s messy…

I think I left enough room for the physical change to occur… hopefully Dorico’s spacing algorithm won’t be SO incredible that it manages to squeeze those pages together :wink: