Pick-up bar causing split bars

Hi everyone,

I inserted a 3-quaver pick-up bar using the popover and now all my systems have bars chopped off (see pic 1).

I have ‘fixed bars per system’, which I removed, to no avail (pic 3). I have attached a pic of my layout options here too. 'Allow open bars to be split across system breaks is not ticked.

Any ideas welcome, thanks!

If you show signposts, are there any existing system breaks at rhythmic positions that are now in the middle of bars, rather than at the barlines they were at before adding the pickup?

Ah…of course. Removing those system breaks did indeed help, but do you know why they came in the first place? Would be preferable not to have to remove something I’m not inputting when I add a pick-up bar so just wondering if I’ve missed something.

System break signposts are only ever explicitly entered by the user. Perhaps you propagated part formatting from another part to this part, which adds system breaks at the start of every system in the destination part? Or inserted system breaks a while ago, hid signposts, and forgot about it?

I see, and that does indeed sound likely, ha. Thanks Lillie!

Does requesting X measures per system in Layout Options insert hidden system breaks by any chance?

(You didn’t ask me, but:)
No, Dorico sets a fixed number of bars by another internal method, which leaves manual system breaks available for overriding the automatic ones.