Pick-up bar question

I am scoring out a Bach Partita and it has a sixteenth note only in the pickup bar at the outset, and again on the next repeating section. I am having trouble trying to work out how to do this. I can’t see anything in the manual that explains 1/16 note pickup bars. There seems generally to be a lot of conflicting information when I search online. Any clear help gratefully received. Thanks.

The syntax you need to enter in the Shift+M popover varies according to the time signature. What is the time signature?

It’s in 4/4.

In that case, enter 4/4,0.25. The pick-up is expressed as a fraction of a beat of the time signature, so in this case it’s 1/4 of a crotchet/quarter note beat.

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Got it. Thank you for your rapid response Daniel.

Hey Daniel !

In Guitar Pro, you can write anything in the first bar, then simply select the bar or just any note in the bar, go to the Bar tab and select Anacrusis (Pickup Bar) and it automatically calculates and sets it as a pickup bar.
Could we have something similar in the future that would greatly simplify the current way to create pickup bars ?
It’d be much simpler to just write any rhythm/melody and with a key command make it as a pickup bar :wink:

Here’s an example :

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Can’t you already do this?
Dec-18-2023 13-06-02


Didn’t know this workaround, but it seems to work only if you plan for it to be a pickup bar after you wrote the notes.
In GP you can still add a first bar at any time and write anything in it to make it a pickup bar, so it’s practical for instance if you did not intend to have one at first and decide it afterwards.

There’s no need for there to be notes in your project.

If you want to use a button, put the caret wherever you like, go to the Bars and Barlines section of the right panel and add a barline.
Dec-18-2023 13-22-16

You can also put notes in without a time signature at all, and then add a time signature with a pickup specified, either from the right panel or from the popover, e.g.

Dec-18-2023 13-17-17