Pick-up bars with 3 beats? Not possible?

Is it possible? It is not possible to make pick-up bars with 3 measures? Never seen that?

Is there another possibilitiy to create it?

Sure! Shift-M, “4/4,3” or whatever meter you want.

Heck, you can even have a “5 beat” pickup.


And why isn’t it possible to make it on the right side too?

For beginners Dorico is not really easy.

You mean at the end? That’s not a pickup. To remove a quarter note beat, shift-B, -1q.

Easy? That’s extremely relative. Is any deep notation program “easy”?

If “easy” means “intuitive to me,” we would all disagree on what is easy, since we all have different perspectives on what is intuitive!

We’re here to help…

A question:
I know that there is a list of all those key commands which beginn with Shift + …
But cannot find it anymore. I’d prefer it in german. Thank you.

At Steinberg.help

Dan, I think MrBiki was referring to the Notations panel on the right side.

Yes, I was teaching this to beginners and noticed that you can’t create more than a 2 beat pickup from the right hand (time signatures) menu. I teach both the longhand and shortcut (popover) so we had a solution, but it is odd that you can’t create more than a 3 beat pickup the longhand way.