Pick-up measure

I’m trying to enter a quarter-note pickup. Here’s what I’m starting with:
I select the whole note, press Shift-M and enter 4/4,1 into the popover.
This is what I get:
Why does it move the whole note to the 4th beat of the pickup bar?

In addition to leaving the whole note as is, how do I create a pick-up bar with just a quarter note (or rest) on the 4th beat?

Press “I” for Insert Mode before entering the 4/4,1

Because Dorico counts time in the flow separately from time signatures: this means you can change time signatures, and the barlines move around, leaving the music where it was. Your whole note F starts at the very beginning of the flow, beat 1 “total”, and that’s where it stays even if the time signature changes; it’s still on beat 1, but that just happens now to be in a pick-up bar.

To push it back a beat: elect the F, and insert a quarter note beat by e.g. pressing Shift-B for the bars and barlines popover, and entering “1q” (for one quarter note).

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