Pick Up Measures

I just installed the Dorico trial version. I want to love Dorico like I love Cubase, however my first attempt at notating “O Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem” has been difficult. I need to do a pick up measure in 12/8 time with 4 beats, and the Time Signature (where pick up measure is found) is only allowing me to put in 3 beats… Please don’t make me go back to finale,… I so want to believe in Dorco,lol… Help.

You can do this from the Shift-M popover. Select something on the first beat of the flow, then type Shift-M 12/8,4 Enter.

Welcome to the forum! As Leo says, you can input basically any pick-up bar configuration using the time signatures popover. There are now dedicated steps for inputting pick-up bars in the 3.5 manual.

Thanks!!! Do I need to put a measure in first or just adjust the measure that is there?

I’m still struggling,lol

Just select the single default crotchet/quarter rest. Once you’ve put in the time signature (including the pickup measure) you’ll be able to add bars using the Shift-B popover or the Bars and Barlines section of the right panel.

And don’t fear if the first time you do it the math doesn’t work out right. Just reselect the time signature that you just input, press enter, and re-type. The measures will update accordingly. It’s very convenient and forgiving.

I usually just enter the time signature, get on with entering the first few notes, then select the note at (or move the caret to) the position where I want the new, full bar to start and insert a barline (via Shift-B or the right hand panel).

Everything shifts accordingly and there isn’t need for advanced math.

Welcome to the forum! Probably good to be aware though that using that method may impact your bar numbers, as by default pick-up bars don’t contribute to the overall bar number count (i.e. bar 1 is the first full bar, but I suspect if you add a barline halfway through the first bar to represent a pick-up bar, your first full bar will end up as bar number 2).

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