Pick up note problem when recording midi

When I record Midi that has a pick up not, the timing of that note is not correct.

For example, a phrase that has a 16th note pick up, that note end up being an sixteenth earlier, as if I played an eight not pick up instead.

Anyone encountered this problem ?

Forgot to mention that this only happens for pick up notes before the curser with recording at cursor position option activated

Not entirely sure if this is what you mean? But I have my projects starting on bar 0 (-1) so the actual project starts recording on bar 1 so it leaves bar 0 to 1 empty. That way you’ll always have a bar previous before the projects starts and can afford to record something earlier than on bar 1? Hope this helps?

That’s exactly how I have my session set up, bar 0 (-1) and the problem, as mentioned in my post, is the pick up recorded within the 0 to 1 is off.